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Who will be my child's coach?

AYSO teams are coached by volunteers from the community, many of them parents with children in the program. Coaches are required to complete age appropriate training, as well as safe haven training. Teams are reformed every season to keep them balanced, and coaches are randomly assigned to teams so that play will be safe, fair and fun.

How do I become a Sponsor?

There is more info on our sponsor page.

In what division will my child play?

There is more info on our registration page.

Is it ok to wear earrings for the game?

No jewelry of any kind is allowed – necklaces, watches, rings, earrings etc. must be removed for practices and games. Referees inspect all players before each game for complete uniform and any jewelry or items that could be dangerous to the play of the game. If your child is preparing to get their ears pierced, you may consider waiting until the end of the season.

How do I withdraw if my child won’t be able to play?

We appreciate your letting us know if you find you will not be able to participate. Please contact us at [email protected].

Include the player’s name and birthdate.

If you would like a refund, include that as well. A request to refund a player’s registration fee must be made in writing by September 1st. for all divisions. Refunds are issued late in the fall. Requests postmarked/time stamped after that date it will not be accepted. Due to insurance requirements, no refunds are allowed once a player has attended any practices or games.

Can a player switch teams?

In most cases, the answer is no. However, for any player issues, please contact your Regional Commissioner [email protected].

How do we arrange for a practice field?

During the fall, AYSO has permits for Anamax Park, Anza Trail Park, Quail Creek Park and North Park, your coach will notify you on where the team will be practicing.

Do I need to sign up for the coaching clinics?

Yes! all coaches must be trained in the division they tend to coach. By signing up for the clinic, we have a better idea on the number of instructors, teaching materials and other materials required for the course.

What do I need to bring to the coaching clinics?

The coaching clinics consist of lecture, demonstration, and participation. You will be both indoor and outdoors. To be safe, please bring sun care, water and exercise shoes. You should be prepared for some exercise (i.e. simulation of drills).

Do I need to volunteer for my child to play?

Remember that AYSO is an all volunteer organization.  No one is paid for what they do, not the board members, not the coaches, not the referees, and there are many ways to volunteer besides these positions.  If positions that are needed by the region go unfilled, we may not be able to field a team for every child who wishes to play.  It Is up to you;  your child as well as others benefit when you do volunteer.  Besides, its fun and we try to limit most positions to just a few hours per season. Please contact your child’s coach or a Regional Board Member for more information on volunteer opportunities.

What type of casts or braces, if any, may my child wear while playing?

No casts or splints are allowed at anytime in a game, this includes anything whose purpose is to prevent a bone or joint from moving.  No player who recently had to wear a cast or splint should not be allowed to practice or be in a game until the player has a signed release by their doctor and parents.

A brace, whose purpose is to protect a joint but allow movement, may be allowed if in the opinion of the Referee:

They are soft, like an Ace bandage
They are padded
They have no exposed sharp edges or exposed metal ribs which might catch another player

Soccer is a contact support. We wish to ensure that it is safe for the players, their teammates, and their opponents. The Referee always has the final decision.

When will we be notified about what team my child is on?

You should hear from your child’s coach by the 3rd week of August.

What equipment will my child need?

Full uniform is provided with the annual fee. You must provide shin guards. Soccer balls for practice and soccer cleats are also recommended. Note that soccer cleats are not the same as baseball cleats.

My child is not very experienced and is concerned that he/she will stay on the bench and not be selected to play in the games.

Everyone plays!! AYSO policy is that every child must play at least half of the game.

Where does my registration money go?

The primary expenses are the national player fee, uniforms, and field costs.  For more information please contact us at [email protected].

Do we have to help set up the fields?

It is the parents’ task to help set up the goal nets prior to the first game of the day and also take down and store the goal posts, nets and corner flags after the last game of the day on their playing field.  Setup or take down are for teams playing in the first or last game of the day.  Every team will have this responsibility at least once a season.

When are the games played?

Most games are on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings.  We will publish the game schedules in mid-late August for the Fall Season.

Where are the games played?

All divisions are played at Anamax Park located off of S. Camino De Las Quintas. Most U-12 and up teams will some of their games out of town (Tucson/Nogales).

What does AYSO insurance cover?

AYSO’s accident insurance covers all AYSO’s “registered players, coaches, referees, and other volunteers” for any injury “sustained while under adult supervision and while participating in scheduled games, tournaments, official AYSO functions, or practice sessions; and traveling as a team under adult supervision to or from scheduled games, tournaments or practice sessions. Contact the Safety Director for more information

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